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2-wires Passive 4-20mA Current Loop Isolation Amplifier ISO 4-20mA
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Input: 4-20ma Output: 4-20ma
Isolation Mode: Magneto electric Isolation Voltage: 3000VDC,6000VDC
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Remarks: 2-wires Passive 4-20mA Current Loop Isolation Amplifier
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4-20mA Current Loop Isolator
ISO 4-20MA Series
    Sunyuan  SIP12 Pin current loop isolated module: ISO 4-20mA module is a kind of single-chip two-wire isolated interface IC chip. Inside the IC, there are current signal modulation circuit, magnetoelectric isolation transform circuit and signal reduction demodulation circuit,etc. The low input equivalent resistance makes the IC module achieve wide range input voltage (8.5~28VDC) to realize the long-distance, non-distortion transmission of signals without external power supply. By adopting SMD technological structure and new isolation technology, the modules posses the features: 3KVDC isolation between signal input and output (total isolation type), and operates in normal in abominable industrial conditions like wide temperature, humidity and vibration. 

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