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The electrical components of the pressure sensor that induction pressure are generally resistance strain chip.Resistance strain chip is a sensitive device that converts the physical pressure on the test component into an electrical signal.It is a component or device that can feeling of the pressure and convert the pressure signal into an electrical signal output according to certain rules.There is no amplifier circuit inside the pressure sensor, and the full-scale output is usually a millivolt level voltage signal which has a low loading capacity,  it cannot be collected and transmitted over a long distance directly and needs to be isolated and amplified or converted and transmitted by a special pressure transmitter.
ISOS V-4-20mA is an industry-leading technology developed by Sunyuan, small size (19.5X12.5X9.8mm; SIP7 Pin) low cost passive two-wire sensor with voltage signal to 4-20mA Output (V / I conversion) isolated transmitter IC. This IC can be embedded in the core of a common pressure sensor, and coupled with the pressure sensor to form a pressure transmitter, and this pressure transmitter can isolates, amplifies and converts the pressure physical quantity inducted by the sensor into the signal output of industrial field standard acquisition directly through the loop feeding method.There is a corresponding continuous linear functional relationship between the output signal of the pressure transmitter and the pressure physical quantity. the transmitter IC built-in special amplifier circuit, V / I conversion circuit, sensor isolated power distribution circuit, etc.,It can give standard 4-20mA current signal output .
ISOS V-4-20mA adopts the patented technology of Sunyuan Technology's unique electromagnetic isolation coupling and high efficiency circuit stealing electricity. It can achieve precise isolation and amplification conversion of small signals from instrumentation and sensors to 4-20mA standard signals. The output of IC is designed for the feedomg technology of two-wire power supply circuit in series with 24VDC and sampling resistance (or load resistance),It is compatible with the analog input interface board (host computer), PLC, DCS or other active load instruments and analog input ports commonly used in the current industrial field.
ISOS V-4-20mA can provide a set of 5V (3mA) functions to the input terminal to expand the distribution power supply by the back-end current loop feeding method, which is used for the power supply of the front level sensing device (electric bridge) and can receive the voltage signal output by the level sensor equipment,It can converts gas, liquid, weight, etc physical pressure parameters which sensed by the pressure sensor into a standard 4 ~ 20mA electrical signal to supply secondary instruments such as indicating alarms, recorders, regulators for measurement, indication and process adjustment.Pressure sensor is the most commonly used transmitter in industrial field. It is widely used in various industrial automatic control environments and involves many industries such as electric power, hydropower, railway transportation, intelligent building, aerospace, petrochemical industry, shipbuilding, etc.
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The item of ISOS V-4-20mA is designed as a low cost, small volume and standard SIP7 Pin flame retardant package, which can be soldered directly on the PCB circuit board. The inside of signal transmission IC includes a signal modulation and demodulation circuit, a signal coupling isolation transmission circuit, high isolation DC DC boost circuit,  V / I conversion circuit, etc. The wide voltage range of output loop power supply is (12V-36VDC),high conversion accuracy, and good linearity.The design of the signal transmission IC is very convenient. our customer only needs to add a few peripheral devices to the input terminal to realize the voltage signal of the pressure sensor, displacement potentiometer and other sensors that need to provide power distribution and bridge (weighing) detection circuit delivery.The integrated technology and new technology isolation measures inside the IC enable the device to meet the harsh environmental requirements of 3KVDC insulation voltage and industrial grade wide temperature, humidity and vibration.the size of item is samll and easy to install. It can be embedded in the sensor to directly convert the pressure, displacement and angle resistance signals into a standard 4-20mA signal. The full scale and zero point can be adjusted and calibrated by the user through an external potentiometer.

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