The Pairing application of AD/DA conversion isolation transmitter in remote monitoring system
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The Pairing application of AD/DA conversion isolation transmitter in remote monitoring system
With the progress of science and technology continuously , people use the kinds of controllers to work and produce, such as controlling the temperature of the furnace, controlling the flow of irrigation, and controlling the distance of the articles move. The analog current or voltage signal output by the PLC's AO module or DCS system directly controls the remote execution device, it is often causes signal attenuation and distortion because of long-distance transmission, and sometimes causes signal errors due to interference from other external signals. effect the entire system works properly. Therefore, ISO 4021 can convert the analog signal output by the sensor into a digital (A/D conversion) signal, use RS232/RS-485 communication to transmit the signal remotely or GPRS for wireless data transmission, and then use the remote analog signal output module ISO DAO. The digital signal is converted into an analog (D/A conversion) signal to obtain an analog signal of the restored output. These technologies are widely used in data acquisition and remote monitoring.
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It can improve system anti-interference ability that use ISO pairing module to control analog remote acquisition and transmission.

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