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  • SunYuan SY Series: Simple and Economic Analog Signal Amplifier Transmitter Product Promotion

  • SY series of low-cost, small volume simple isolation amplifier isolation transmitter, is based on the user proposed in different environments in the industrial field, the analog signal isolation, amplification, conversion of differentiated technical requirements and the development of a series of affordable products. In the program design, the user can be based on the environment in which the system for analog isolation, amplification, conversion, transmission process whether the signal input, output and power supply to make a judgment between the full isolation, two isolation or non-isolation of the field analysis, according to the characteristics of the field signal to select different specifications of the device, so as to achieve the technical requirements under the premise of greatly reducing the manufacturing costs, reduce the size of the device, and optimize the system structure. Optimize the system structure.

      SY series low cost, small size and simple isolation amplifier isolation transmitter is a series of economical products by Shunyuan developed according to the user's different technical requirements for isolation, amplification and conversion of analog signals in different environments of industrial sites. In the project design, the user can isolate, amplify, convert and transmit to the analog quantity,and make judgments for whether need to full isolation to signal input and output between with working power supply,two isolation or non-isolated of the field analyses during the process of transimtter. according to the characteristics of the live signal to choice different specifications, then reduce manufacturing costs greatly , reduce device size and optimize system architectures under the premise of meeting the technical requirements. 

Low cost, small size, simple and applicable isolation amplifier isolation transmitter: SY series     

1. VI/IV conversion low cost small volume isolation amplifier. New product promotion price:  usd$5.6 / PCS
Product introduction: SY U-P-O series voltage signal and SY A-P-O series current signal isolation amplifier, it is use small size (SIP 8Pin), low cost design. mainly used to solve these conversion problem between non-standard analog quantity and standard analog signal ,such as the problem between sensor and instrument, PLC and DCS: 0.4-2V/0-5V/1-5V/0-10V/0-20mA/4-20mA etc. which have high precision and high linearity features, The 2000VDC isolation voltage between the working power supply and signal channel can control the interference of surge and common mode harmonics in power supply systems. The product is very convenient to use, free of zero point and gain adjustment. It can achieve the simple conversion and amplification function of the industrial field analog signal without external adjustment potentiometer and other components.    

2. The low cost and small size of displacement potentiometer resistance signal transmitter. New product promotion price:  usd$5.6 / PCS

Product introduction: SY R-P-O series displacement transducer is a low cost, small volume hybrid integrated circuit that converts the displacement resistance signal into a linear standard signal according to the size of change. The transmitter use the input filter, input protection circuit, high-precision voltage-stabilized reference IC power supply circuit, amplification conversion circuit, zero-degree full-scale adjustment circuit and other conversion circuits. The external power supply can be powered by a switching power supply or a linear regulated power supply. it has high precision and linearity (better than 0.05F.S), and commonly used in precision measuring instruments such as built-in electronic rulers and angular displacement signal transmitters

3.Two-wire 4-20mA differential signal acquisition conditioner. New product promotion price: usd$7.1/ PCS

Product introduction: SY C-A-P-O series is a two-wire 4-20mA differential signal acquisition and conditioning chip. The internal of IC contains differential signal acquisition, conditioning, and conversion circuitry, The standard input equivalent resistance allows the IC to collect differential signals from the sensor loop to meet the needs of the user's microcontroller to receive signals. (±9 ~ ±15V) Ultra-wide range power supply or single power supply mode, can achieve the required accuracy requirements of the site without any adjustment loop, and realize the transmission and transmission function of the two-wire 4-20mA signal.


4. Two-wire low cost 4-20mA loop feed acquisition conditioner. New product promotion price: usd$7.1 / PCS

Product information:SY 4-20mA-P is a non-isolated two-wire 4-20mA analog signal acquisition conditioner chip with low cost design.The input active 4-20mA current signal can be converted into a passive control signal output to control the two-wire power supply (feed mode) 4-20mA current loop. and acheive the matching of sensor signal acquisition and active load of analog input and output interface, and effectively solved the problem of collecting the active 4-20 mA current signal and the power supply conflict of the two-wire current loop power supply loop receiving port.

The output mode is designed for the two-wire power supply circuit in which the 24VDC and the sampling resistor (two-wire instrument) are connected in series. It is match with these analog input port which commonly used in industrial sites such as the analog input interface board (host computer), PLC, DCS or other instrument. 


5.Two-wire passive I/V converter. New product promotion price: usd$8.5 / PCS

Product information:SY 4-20mA-O is a low cost, small size, two-wire passive 4-20mA transform to voltage signal conversion IC that can converts an active 4-20mA signal into a voltage signal output. The IC use two-wire input loop power supply way, which has a unique high-efficiency signal loop stealing technology and needn’t an external working power supply. make the user design more simplify and reduce user wiring costs.The small input equivalent resistance can make IC collect the current signal from the sensor signal output loop, and can achieve a voltage drop of ≤6V when the input 20mA signal is reached , so that can meet the needs of the user to achieve long distance, distortion free transmission conversion of the sensor signal in the no-power field environment.


6.Low cost speed signal acquisition transmitter IC. New product promotion price: usd$8.8 / PCS

Product introduction:SY S-P-O series low cost speed signal acquisition transmitter is a mixed integrated circuit that amplifies the speed sensor signal, sine wave, sawtooth wave signal or tiny pulse signal into a square wave signal which is completely consistent with the input frequency.
It is suitable for the low cost design solutions that convert amplitude, sine wave, etc. into a standard square wave pulse signal. And it is widely used in the detection of motor running speed and the detection of rotating systems such as automotive ABS brakes.


7. Frequency conversion analog signal FV / FI isolation transmitter. New product promotion price: usd$10/ PCS

Product introduction:SY F-P-O series frequency signal low cost and small size two isolated transmitter, It is a mixed integrated circuit that converts pulse frequency signals into linear analog signals (FV/FI conversion). Products are widely used in power electronics, wireless data transmission, remote monitoring, medical equipment, industrial automation and other industries. 


8. Pt100, Cu50 thermal resistance signal two isolation transmitter. New product promotion price: usd$10/ PCS 

Product introduction: SY Z-W series low cost and small size two isolated transmitters, it is designed for low cost design of scene single channel temperature signal acquisition and monitoring, It can converts the temperature signal collected through the RTD sensor into a linear standard analog signal. it is widely used in temperature sensor signal conversion, amplification and distortion-free remote transmission, temperature signal acquisition and transmission of

industrial PLC or DCS system


9. AC to DC (AC / DC) low cost isolation transmitter. New product promotion price: usd$10 / PCS

 Product introduction: The SY AC-P-O series is a mixed integrated circuit that converts AC signal acquisition into a linear DC signal. It can convert the 0-1Vrms (50~60HZ) power frequency signal collected by the sensor (AC transformer) into 4-20mA/0-10mA / 0-20mA DC current signal or 0-1V/0-2.5V. /0-5V/0-10V DC voltage signal. IC packaged products can be combined with external AC transformers to form single-phase or multi-phase fully isolated transmitters and achieve 3KV three isolation between signal input and output signals and auxiliary power supply.

The products can widely used in the fields of electromotor or motor safe operation monitoring, remote monitoring of power transmission and distribution, instrumentation and sensor signal transmission and reception, medical equipment safety isolation barrier, industrial automation control etc.

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